The Interline rates are available for the following full-time employees of Passenger Airlines*, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA), Airline Pilots’ Association (ALPA), IATA (employees of IATA; not referring to travel agents who are members of IATA), Sabre, TravelPort (formerly Worldspan), Amadeus, Galileo, Cruise Line Employees, Amtrak Employees

*Note: Excluding charter airlines and non-airline related subsidiary companies of the passenger airlines.

Courier company employees (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc) DO NOT qualify.

Eligible Airline/Interline employee is permitted to book two cabins (CPGI/CPGO) as long as the second cabin is occupied by an eligible family member. Eligible family members include: husband, wife, mother or father of the employee, or dependent children 21 years old and younger

Eligible Airline/Interliners can book up to three cabins total

Option #1

1 airline/interliner cabin (CPGI/CPGO), 1 eligible family cabin (CPGI/CPGO);1 non-eligible cabin (CPG3) *

Option #2

1 airline/interliner cabin (CPGI/CPGO), 2 non-eligible cabins (CPG3) * When available on the sailing

Eligible Family Members

Retired Interline Employees

Military Eligibility: The military discount is only for US Military.